About Widow Confidential

Mission Statement:

Widow Confidential, for widows, by widows, is dedicated to improving widows’ quality of life by providing an online and physical communities which engages our members with comprehensive support services, camaraderie opportunities, and a unique environment which allows widows, fiancé’s, girlfriends, and domestic partners to commemorate their loss through acts of community service.



Widow Confidential’s purpose is to create an online and physical community that provides dedicated tools and a unique environment, allowing our members to find their renewed passion for life. Within Widow Confidential, members will be inspired to laugh, heal, forgive and thrive.


Values and Beliefs:

Values: Compassion, Commitment, Community, and Consistency inform and drive all our actions while working within the network of our members.
Beliefs: At Widow Confidential we believe that no woman should have to grieve alone. We strive to provide tools to promote camaraderie by empowering widows to tackle each day with renewed hope.


What We Are Not:

Widow Confidential is not a medical, clinical, psychological, monetary, funeral, and/or burial assistance resource. If at any time you are in crisis, please call the 24 Hour National Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Crisis Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255), dial 911, or visit your nearest Emergency Room.


Upcoming Events:

Learn about our upcoming Widow Wellness Weekends for our members.